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Yogda® is a development tool for intermediate/advanced actionscript programmers.

What can you do with it ?

Unleash the performance : Use very fast undocumented memory read/write opcodes in your flash applications.
Optimization : Review your own compiled code, try different scenarios and compare generated code.
Learning : Obtain better understanding of your own code that comes out of Adobe® Flex compiler.
Security : Flash security auditing, exploit/audit applications client-side logics and server communications.


Current version is 1.0 build 567 (12.14.2010).
Download win32 build here. See Release notes

New Tutorial : Using fast memory opcodes in Adobe© Flash / Action Script

Platform features

  • Load/Save SWF files
  • Dynamic SWF Tag processor / Tag viewers
  • DoABC Block Decoder/Encoder supports Adobe AIR, Flex, Flash Builder (type 82) , Haxe and Alchemy outputs. (type 72)
  • ABC Symbol/constants table browser and editor
    (Multinames, Strings, Numbers)
  • Code-aware debugging
    (auto-align branch offsets on delete/insert byte code)

Optimizer features

  • Automated/Manual Method inlining via AS3 metatags
  • Basic block identification
  • Pattern Scanner for method bodies / constants table.

Debugging features

  • AVM2 Bytecode Assembler, Disassembler, Byte code injector supporting AVM+ and MOPS commands
  • Class structure tree
  • Source code / Line number referencing (if source codes exists on the local harddrive)
  • Resolving of Local registers
  • Edit/Insert/Delete bytecode(s) on method bodies
  • Disassemble method to clipboard/text
  • Text search on class structures
  • Copy/Paste byte code
  • Opcode highlighting
  • AVM2 instruction help with tamarin source references

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AVM2 is acronym for Action-script Virtual Machine 2 which is installed into almost every browser as a Adobe Flash Player plugin.
More information on AVM2 is here (pdf file).